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Harris Farms 2004 Arrivals
The Heart Starts Here...and here we come!

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he following foals have photographs and are part of a series of 2004 foal photographs. This is one of the innovative features of the Harris Farms Web Site will be providing photographs of recent foals to the owners.
Click on any of the following for foal photos.

General Meeting out of Midnight Special May 22 filly

King of the Hunt out of Chocolate Sundae filly foaled April 22

High Yield out of Fe Fi Foe colt foaled April 22

Beau Genius out of R. Affair colt foaled April 21

High Brite out of Stings Attached filly foaled April 21

Cee's Tizzy out of Sleet Street colt foaled April 21

Silver Charm out of Surprise Girl filly foaled April 19

In Excess out of Scar Trek colt foaled April 18

Cee's Tizzy out of Karon's Skipper filly foaled April 17

High Brite out of Donna B. Quick colt foaled April 15

Event of the Year out of Brilliant Sunlight colt April 13

High Brite out of Bubble Bite colt foaled April 10

Smokester out of Mesquite Miss colt foaled April 10

General Meeting out of Super Tuesday colt foaled April 9

Cee's Tizzy out of Nashoba colt foaled April 8

Memo out of Hail Squall colt foaled April 8

Cee's Tizzy out of Atocha Queen filly foaled April 6

Downtown Seattle out of Liability Issue colt foaled April 6

Cee's Tizzy out of Jumberca colt foaled April 5

Mt. Livermore out of Merry Festival filly foaled April 5

Flying Continental out of San Joaquin Gal colt foaled April 4

Free House out of My Affection filly foaled April 4

Soft Gold out of Bahamian Beauty colt April 4

Lord Carson out of Just Lookn colt foaled April 4

High Brite out of Cascadia colt foaled March 31

Flying Continental out of Strawberry Card colt foaled March 30

Flying Continental out of Vigor Tiz colt March 29

Western Fame out of Muddy Creek Molly filly foaled March 30

Valid Wager out of Follow My Heineken colt foaled March 28

 Skimming out of No Approval colt foaled March 27

High Brite out of Jenny's Moment filly foaled March 24

Helmsman out of Queen's River filly foaled March 23

High Brite out of Shrewd Penny bay colt foaled March 23

Swiss Yodeler out of Flo Jo M.D.  filly foaled March 23

High Brite out of Dare You Run colt foaled March 22

Worldly Manner out of Scare Tactics colt foaled March 21

Irgun out of Social Noel March 18 filly

Flying Continental out of Torchiere filly foaled March 13

Pembroke out of I'm Alymatt filly foaled March 11

Event of the Year out of Moonlight Elegance filly foaled March 10

Cee's Tizzy out of Griselda filly foaled March 10

Devil His Due out of Hill of a Deal filly foaled March 6

In Excess out of Marijen colt foaled March 4

In Excess out of Quiet Affair colt foaled March 2

Candi's Gold out of Ashley's Golden colt foaled March 1

Sharp Victor out of Good Faith Woman colt foaled February 29

Cee's Tizzy out of Cee Excels colt foaled February 25

Black Minnaloushe filly out of A.J. Top filly foaled February 24

Cee's Tizzy out of Astrial filly foaled February 24

Cee's Tizzy out of Karen's Relentless filly foaled February 24

Cee's Tizzy out of Trying Ty colt foaled February 22

Maria's Mon out of Queen Linda filly foaled February 20

Benchmark out of Business Model colt foaled February 18

Holy Bull out of With Some Luck colt foaled February 17

Cutlass Reality out of My Girl Siyah filly foaled February 12

High Brite out of Dare Bunny colt foaled February 11

Tiznow out of Instant Recall filly foaled February 10

Sought After out of Cicely Alaska colt February 9

Roar out of Miss Beverly Hills filly February 8

High Brite out of Code Act colt foaled February 7

Moscow Ballet out of Altruism colt foaled February 2

Western Fame out of In the Spin colt foaled February 1

Flying Continental out of Black Forest colt foaled January 30

Hennessy out of Happy Scene filly foaled January 28

Sought After out of Moonlight Chimes foaled on January 26

High Brite out of Resemblance colt foaled January 25

Game Plan out of Upper Vee filly foaled January 16

Sought After out of Canadian Starlet filly foaled on January 2

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