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Harris Farms 2005 Arrivals
The Heart Starts Here...and here we come!

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he following foals have photographs and are part of a series of 2005 foal photographs.
Click on any of the following for foal photos.

Moscow Ballet out of Midnight Special colt foaled May 27

Cee's Tizzy out of Lucky C.H. colt foaled May18

High Brite out of Beyond a Doubt filly April 28

Cee's Tizzy out of Griselda colt April 25

Cee's Tizzy out of Super Tuesday colt foaled April 17

Avanzado out of Carmelita filly foaled April 18

In Excess out of Classy Lass filly April 6

Avanzado out of Queen Linda colt April 1

Storm Creek out of Shred the Excess colt April 1

Cee's Tizzy out of Sugar n' Oats colt March 30

Avanzado out of Merry Festival filly March 29

Avanzado out of Macmania filly March 29

Game Plan out of Wish Upon a Star filly March 26

Flying Continental out of Felonious Flight colt March 23

Skimming out of Chickasaw Chick colt March 23

Crowning Storm out of No Big Problem filly March 20

Flying Continental out of Torchiere filly March 17

Avanzado out of Jayhawk Victory colt March 17

Cee's Tizzy out of Jardine colt foaled March17

Cee's Tizzy out of Astrial March 16 filly

High Brite out of Olympic Spirit colt March 13

High Brite out of A.J. Top filly March 13

Cee's Tizzy out of Point Break colt March 12

Inexcessive Bull out of Tizzy Huzzy colt March 12

Beau Genius out of Vaderette filly March 10

High Brite out of Forever a Star filly March 9

Broken Vow out of Natural Born Star filly March 8

Flying Continental out of Red Phoenix colt March 5

Avanzado out of Code Ack filly March 3

Cee's Tizzy out of Pammy n Cammy filly March 2

High Brite out of Hitter's Touch colt February 27

Beau Genius out of Alyda Kalyda filly February 25

High Brite out of General Promise colt February 19

Cee's Tizzy out of Wishesdocometrue filly February 11

Roar out of Castle Rock colt February 5

Cee's Tizzy out of Royal Woodman filly February 4

Avanzado out of Better Reasons filly February 3

Game Plan out of One Stop colt January 31

Moscow Ballet out of Rasing Slew colt January 30

Five Star Day out of Mamoon's Slew colt January 30

Valid Expectations out of Harligen filly January 27

Downtown Seattle out of Don't Despair filly January 27

Soft Gold out of Air Defense colt January 27

Avanzado out of Miss Minnelli filly January 23

Avanzado out of Sunny Sara colt January 21

Northern Afleet out of Love Emblem colt January 20

In Excess out of Rexy Sexy filly January 19

 Avanzado out of South Apple colt January 16

High Brite out of Bold Arrogance filly January 15

Flying Continental out of Revillew Slew filly January 15

Comic Strip out of Nora Ellen filly January 11

Golden Gear out of Nancy Slew colt January 10

Avanzado out of Afro Look colt January 10

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