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Harris Farms 2009 Arrivals
The Heart Starts Here...and here we come!

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he following foals have photographs and are part of a series of 2009 foal photographs.
Click on any of the following for foal photos.

Cee's Tizzy out of Sashay Lady

Tizbud for You by Tizbud out of Party of Two

Heidi by Takin it Deep out of Sassy Conduction

Redattorre out of Lucky C.H. filly foaled April 22

Roar out of Saintly Slumber filly foaled April 18

English Channel out of Sister Gabriel (full sister to Greg's Gold) filly foaled April 27

High Brite out of Deb's Royal Flush filly foaled April 27

Unusual Heat and out of Sweet Mugtarib filly foaled April 27

Tizbud out of Dayglo Green colt foaled April 28

Unusual Heat out of Soviet Problem colt foaled April 21

Swiss Yodeler out of Belle Michelle colt foaled April 26

Tribal Rule out of Castle Bet colt April 28

In Excess out of Quiet Affair filly April 9

Stormy Jack out of Midnight Special colt April 7

Cee’s Tizzy out of Daisyifido filly March 26

Bertrando colt out of Last Dance for Me colt March 23

Marino Marini out of Tiz Luella colt March 27

Cee's Tizzy out of Marry Me Larry colt March 20

High Brite out of Beverly Z colt March 18

Lucky Pulpit out of Pride & Powerful colt March 20

Empire Maker out of Alphabet Kisses filly March 17th

Yonaguska out of Bobbie's Badgett colt March 18

Bertrando out of Lovely Pet filly March 8

Redattore out of No Peso No Dance colt March 11

Corinthian out of Watch Out World colt February 20

Tizbud out of My Precious Dawn colt March 10

Redattore out of Brite Maggie filly March 16

Tizbud out of Icksnay colt March 10

Cee's Tizzy out of Poor Little Irene March 13

Bernstein out of Finidiene filly March 12

Tizbud out of Desdamona colt February 27

E Dubai out of Vogue Queen filly March 9

Lucky Pulpit out of Luke's Finest filly March 17

Redattore out of Tea Cakes colt foaled March 10

Decarchy out of Cynical filly foaled March 9

Stormy Jack out of Alydar's Dancer filly foaled March 3

Atticus out of Stephen’s Ghost filly foaled March 9

High Brite out of Reality With Class colt foaled March 9

Tizbud out of Miss Milicia colt March 6

Cat Dreams out of My Honey Bunny February 27 colt

Repent out of Miss Eulee February 28 filly

Cee's Tizzy out of Miss Rainier March 7 colt

Stormy Jack out of Gracious Girl  March 4 colt

Lucky Pulpit out of Flash the Field March 5 colt

High Brite out of Swift Boat March 3 filly

Stormy Jack out of Carousel Delight February 27 colt

Tribal Rule out of Agua de Mayo February 26 filly

Tizbud out of Wishesdocometrue February 28 colt

Unusual Heat out of Trapunto February 27 filly

Stormy Jack out of Kona Queen February 25 colt

Tiznow out of Wakanda February 22 colt

Tizbud out of Queen Linda February 21 colt

High Brite out of Special Team February 21 Filly

Stormy Jack out of Woodlyn Miss February 10 colt

Swiss Yodeler out of Isleo Bebe February 16 colt

Redattore out of Justcallmepretty foaled February 14 filly

Medaglia d’Oro out of One Stop foaled February 9 colt

Swiss Yodeler out of Cryptosript foaled February 9 filly

Memo out of I Can Yodele foaled February 9 filly

Broken Vow out of Blind Ambition February 16 filly

Flame Thrower out of Blue Moon Bay February 13 filly

Congaree out of Scare Tactics February 7 filly

High Brite out of Lost in the Music February 9 filly

Avanzado out of Jack's Golden Girl February 9 filly

Redattore out of Charisma Matters February 9 colt

Strategic Mission out of Kathwen February 2 filly

Cause Ur Mine and out of Dixieland Fever January 24 filly

Redattore out of Yalta January 28 filly

Cee's Tizzy out of Continental Wine January 27 colt

Redattore out of Kiss for Six January 24 colt

Mizzen Mast out of Aspen Gal January 23 filly

Redattore out of Liability Issue January 16 filly

Artie Schiller out of Shebane January 24 colt

Redattore out of Miss Rhythmic colt January 23

Roar out of Babe in the City filly January 19

Cee's Tizzy out of Forthewrongreason colt January 16

Swiss Yodeler out of Ultimate Honor colt January 16

Swiss Yodeler out of Donerella colt January 14

Swiss Yodeler out of Embraceable Slew filly January 12

Cee's Tizzy out of Alice Portlock filly January 10

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