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Harris Farms 2010 Arrivals
The Heart Starts Here...and here we come!

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he following foals have photographs and are part of a series of 2010 foal photographs.
Click on any of the following for foal photos.

Cee’s Tizzy out of Ceebett’s Dancer’s colt foaled May 21

Stormin Fever out of Castle Bet filly foaled May 25

Singletary out of Gonna Be A Beaute filly foaled April 30

Unusual Heat out of Gn Group Meeting colt foaled May 6

Lucky J. H. out of Donna B Quick colt foaled April 30

Lucky J. H. out of Midnight Special filly foaled May 7

Tizbud out of Deb’s Royal Flush filly foaled May 11

Lucky Pulpit out of Sophisticated Bluff colt foaled May 5

Cindago out of Rio Oso filly foaled May 4

 Swiss Yodeler out of Super High colt May 7

Tizbud out of Masquerade Belle colt foaled May 6

Harlan’s Holiday out of Kuba a Noqua colt foaled May 9

Swiss Yodeler out of Sister Gabriel colt foaled April 27

Swiss Yodeler out of La Fresa filly foaled May 2

Swiss Yodeler out of Self Taught filly foaled May 3

Swiss Yodeler out of Artica filly foaled April 25

Swiss Yodeler out of Belle Michelle filly foaled April 23

Lucky Pulpit out of Anasazi Mud filly foaled March 16

Benchmark out of Ermine Fever filly foaled April 15

Tizbud out of Quiet Affair colt foaled April 17

In Excess out of Vogue Queen filly foaled April 13, bred by Skycase Farm

Gotham City out of Good Lady Luck colt foaled on April 20

Redattore out of Anointed filly foaled April 17

Stormin’ Fever out of Lavender Mine colt foaled April 24

Surf Cat and out of Sky of Diamonds filly foaled April 26

In Excess out of Mesquite filly foaled April 23

Lucky JH out of La Maitresse filly foaled April 18

Stormy Jack out of Absolutism filly foaled March 12

Swiss Yodeler out of Paris Design filly April 12

Tizbud out of Excessive Storm colt foaled April 8

Redattore out of Dreamy Jeanie filly April 2

Redattore out of Cosmah Star colt foaled April 16,

Swiss Yodeler out of Leave em Laughing April 7 colt

Lucky Pulpit out of Daisyifido colt March 26

High Brite out of Judy’s House filly March 31

Friend’s Lake out of Island Shadows filly April 11

Tizbud out of Princess Zozo filly April 9

Lucky Pulpit out of Stop the Humor filly March 18

Minister's Wildcat out of Domasco Lake colt March 10

Pure Prize out of  Rupunzel filly March 8

Yes It’s True out of Christiana's Heat filly March 18

Cee's Tizzy out of Trapunto colt March 11

Redattore out of Southern Charm colt foaled April 5

Tizbud out of Continental Wine filly foaled March 24

Stormy Jack out of Espeedy Too colt foaled March 20

Tizbud out of Excessive Lass colt March 21

Tizbud out of Classy Lass filly foaled March 20

Good Journey out of Agua de Mayo colt foaled March 15

Swiss Yodeler out of Armed n Dangerous filly foaled March 7

Heatseeker out of Andover the Cash filly foaled March 5,

Pure Prize out of Rupunzel filly foaled March 8

Lucky Pulpit out of Miss Rainier colt foaled March 9

Salt Lake out of Lady Evergreen colt foaled March 9

Heatseeker out of Kimono Kiss filly February 18

Tribal Rule out of Wishesdocometrue filly March 5

Stormin Fever out of Deja Views filly foaled February 25

Smoke Glacken out of Thrill After Dark colt foaled February 20 

Swiss Yodeler out of High Peaks filly foaled February 20

Cee's Tizzy out of I Can Yodele filly foaled February 11

Tizbud out of Mi Mi Mine filly foaled February 1

Tizbud out of Chrisma Matters colt foaled February 10

Redattore out of Sugar n Oats colt foaled February 11

Redattore out of Short Sentence filly foaled February 9

Mutakdim out of Barbara O'Brien filly foaled February 3

Minister’s Wildcat out of Cinderella Liberty filly foaled February 9

Lucky Pulpit out of Chica de Fiestas colt February 9

Redattore out of Lots of Sunshine filly February 2

Tizbud out of Mi Mi Mine filly February 1

Salt Lake out of Dear Lady filly February 1

Bedford Falls out of Nora Ellen colt January 29

Surf Cat out of Heavenisinmyeyes colt January 28

McCann's Mojave out of Go Jaylo colt January 27

Redattore out of Valley Storm filly January 26

Suances out of Buffalo filly January 13

Tizbud out of Come On Margret filly January 22

Salt Lake out of Special Smoke colt January 24

High Brite out of South City Slew filly January 19

High Brite out of Sounds Like a Plan filly January 11

Redattore out of Alarcity colt foaled January 9

Old Topper out of Mango Minou filly January 1, 2010

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