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Harris Farms 2011 Arrivals
The Heart Starts Here...and here we come!

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he following foals have photographs and are part of a series of 2011 foal photographs.
Click on any of the following for foal photos.

Desert Code out of Artica colt foaled May 23

Bertrando out of La Duncan filly foaled May 22

Swiss Yodeler out of Jeanie’s Game filly foaled May 16

Swiss Yodeler out of Self Taught filly foaled May 13

El Corredor out of Take the Picture filly foaled May 15

Lucky J.H. out of Sierra Lane colt foaled May 16

Lucky J.H. out of Donna B Quick filly

Lemon Drop Kid out of Saintly Slumber filly foaled May 17

Cee's Tizzy out of Torchiere colt

Desert Code out of Madam General filly foaled May 10

Unusual Heat out of Silber colt

Western Fame out of Jetin With Kennedy colt foaled May 4

Unusual Heat out of Lethal Leta filly foaled May 8

Unusual Heat out of Style of the Year filly foaled April 26

Fusachi Pegasus out of Anatolian Queen colt foaled April 25

Papa Clem out of Mylittletart colt foaled May 10

Swiss Yodeler out of Leave em Laughing filly foaled April 27

Bertrando out of Unchanged Melody filly foaled May 2

Lucky Pulpit out of Anointed colt foaled April 28

Unusual Heat out of Amadamprez filly foaled May 3

Desert Code out of Cosmah Star filly

Grey Memo out of Fits the Route colt foaled April 28

Olympio out of Dear Isabella colt foaled March 21

Unusual Heat out of Just Lookn colt foaled April 18

Lucky Pulpit out of Cody's Choice colt foaled April 18

Unusual Heat out of Silver Lining filly foaled April 18

Swiss Yodeler out of Natalie Blue filly foaled April 9

Lucky J. H. out of Glory Forever colt foaled April 6

Stormy Jack out of Watershed Park colt foaled March 31

Swiss Yodeler out of Anasazi Mud filly foaled March 31

Lucky J. H. out of I Can Yodel colt foaled April 8

Unusual Heat out of Lady Evergreen colt foaled April 5

Bertrando out of Tamarack Bay colt foaled April 6

Lucky JH out of Miss Rhythmic filly foaled April 4

Benchmark out of Miss Thirty-four D. colt foaled April 5

Desert Code out of Christiana's Heat filly foaled April 16

In Excess out of Andover the Cash filly foaled April 16

Bertrando out of Henlopen colt foaled April 17

Sought After out of Stephen's Ghost filly foaled April 14

Unusual Heat out of Miss Soft Sell filly foaled on April 13

Tribal Rule out of Agua de Mayo filly foaled April 7

Indian Charlie out of Last Dance for Me filly foaled April 9

Corinthian out of Rugula filly foaled April 11

Unusual Heat out of Kat Princess colt foaled April 12

Unusual Heat out of Sci Fi Kin filly foaled April 1

Brave Cat out of Sierra Fame colt foaled March 29

Desert Code out of Island Lightning colt foaled March 26

Unusual Heat out of Freedom Dance colt foaled March 25

Desert Code out of Rush to Justice colt March 27

Singletary out of Maria Pistola colt foaled March 22

High Brite out of Cynical colt foaled March 29

Singletary out of High Prices colt foaled March 25

Ghostzapper out of Lucky C.H. filly foaled March 24

High Brite out of Brief Illusions filly foaled March 25

Lucky Pulpit out of Sierra Freedom colt foaled March 21

Southern Image out of Short Sentence colt foaled March 19

Stormy Jack out of California Demon colt foaled March 15

Idiot Proof out of Realandspectacular filly foaled March 9

High Brite out of Lambent colt foaled March 6th

Unusual Heat out of Pam’s Pompallier filly foaled March 14

Decarchy out of Storm Lamp filly foaled March 6th

Good Journey out of Thewholeenchilada filly foaled March 13

Lucky Pulpit out of She's a Real Keeper colt foaled March 11

Swiss Yodeler out of Eishin Georgia filly foaled March 11

Harlan’s Holiday out of Coastal Strike filly foaled March 6

Lucky Pulpit out of Ju Ju Baby colt foaled March 9

Swiss Yodeler out of our Grade One stakes winner, Alphabet Kisses colt foaled March 11

Desert Code out of Escape with Me filly foaled March 12

Swiss Yodeler out of Domasco Lake filly foaled March 1

Benchmark out of Sunnydaysahead colt foaled February 3

Swiss Yodeler out of Sugaree Gold filly foaled January 29

Offlee Wild out of Moon Path filly foaled March 2

Lucky J.H. out of No Peso No Dance colt foaled February 3

Papa Clem out of Mama Rosa colt foaled March 5

Desert Code out of Trapunto filly foaled March 5

Lucky Pulpit out of Dar C Alltheway colt foaled March 2

Swiss Yodeler out of Tribal Fire filly foaled January 28

Desert Code out of Lots of Sunshine colt foaled February 14

Lucky J.H. out of Sea Tempest filly foaled March 4

Lucky J.H. out of Super Tuesday filly foaled March 1

Vronsky out of Presidential Heat colt foaled February 26

Swiss Yodeler out of Valley Storm filly foaled February 14

El Correador out of Rockella filly foaled March 2

McCann’s Mojave out of Richest Wager colt foaled February 20

After Market out of Royal Grand Slam colt foaled February 7

Cee's Tizzy out of Alarcity colt foaled January 17

Desert Code out of Charisma Matters colt foaled February 14

Lucky Pulpit out of Coastal Skimming colt foaled February 14

Swiss Yodeler out of Gather the Group colt foaled February 5

Unusual Heat out of Midnite Mama colt foaled February 8

Tizbud out of She's a Cajun colt foaled February 19

Swiss Yodeler out of Akintomod colt foaled February 28

Papa Clem out of Avranches filly foaled March 1

Unusual Heat out of Chi Chi Nette colt

Mud Route out of Fresh Tarte filly foaled February 24

Lucky Pulpit out of Unusual Spirit filly foaled February 24

Lucky Pulpit out of South City Slew colt foaled February 7

Tribal Rule out of Barbara O'Brien colt foaled February 11

English Channel out of Lite Stepper colt, foaled February 15

Bertrando out of Lovely Pet colt, foaled February 8

Swiss Yodeler out of Ms. Olympio filly, foaled February 7

Dixie Chatter out of Ms. Eulee filly, foaled February 12

Dixie Chatter out of Cherokee Toast colt, foaled February 5

Distorted Reality out of Complete Approvals filly, foaled February 3

Lucky Pulpit out of Gold on Top colt, foaled  February 10

Unusual Heat out of Little Hottie colt, foaled February 10

Lucky Pulpit out of Love the Chase colt, foaled February18

High Brite out of Cocktailchicattire colt, foaled February 1

High Brite out of Cinderella Liberty colt foaled February 1

Tizbud out of Go Jaylo filly foaled January 30

Singletary out of Special Smoke colt foaled January 30

Stormy Jack out of Senfully Easy colt foaled January 30

Lucky J.H. out of Come on Margret filly foaled January 30

Western Fame out of Marie's Rose filly foaled January 28

Benchmark out of Keep Active filly, foaled January 28

Stormy Atlantic out of Nijinsky's Princess filly foaled January 27

Stormy Jack out of Tempting colt foaled January 26

Swiss Yodeler out of Aspen Gal colt foaled January 26

Lucky J.H. out of Beyond Brite filly foaled January 26

High Brite out of Ultimate Honor filly foaled January 26

Fusaichi Pegasus out of Storm Queen bay colt foaled January 23

Dixie Chatter out of Match Ball filly foaled January 24

High Brite out of Bobbie Jane filly foaled January 20

Swiss Yodeler out of Sounds Like a Plan colt foaled January 17

Tizbud out of Lion Princess filly foaled January 6


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