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Harris Farms 2012 Arrivals
The Heart Starts Here...and here we come!

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he following foals have photographs and are part of a series of 2012 foal photographs.
Click on any of the following for foal photos.

Thorn Song filly out of Freedom Dance foaled May 31

Tizdejavu out of Masquerade Belle filly foaled April 9

Thorn Song out of Heatology filly foaled April 7

Marino Marini out of Clever n Cute colt foaled April 7

Thorn Song out of Alphabet Kisses filly foaled April 3

Atticus out of Royal Woodman colt foaled April 8

Lucky Pulpit out of Book Babe filly foaled April 4

Desert Code out of Daylight Thief filly foaled April 3

Lucky Pulpit out of Aleyna's at Brown colt foaled April 2

Unusual Heat out of Treasure Chest colt foaled April 6

Lucky Pulpit out of Sunny Days Ahead colt foaled April 2

Hard Spun out of Winning Tale colt foaled March 17

McCann's Mojave out of Book em Babe filly foaled March 25

Papa Clem out of Desert Pearls filly foaled March 26

Heatseeker out of Sweet Mugtarib filly foaled March 25

Artie Schiller out of Trapunto filly foaled March 14

Cindago out of Fast and Fair filly foaled March 27

Lucky Pulpit out of Dar C Alltheway colt foaled March 26

Lucky Pulpit out of Springtown Sally filly foaled March 18

Council Member out of Timely Bet filly foaled March 21

Tribal Rule out of Native Trinket filly foaled March 19

Unusual Heat out of Chi Chi Nette filly foaled March 16

Unusual Heat out of Pam's Pomplier filly foaled March 17

Unusual Heat out of Rockella filly foaled March 15

Lucky J.H. out of Espeedytoo colt foaled March 15

Papa Clem out of Tiz Bewitching colt foaled March 2

Lucky Pulpit out of Super Likit colt foaled February 24

Harbor the Gold out of Stormy Bet colt foaled March 6

Swiss Yodeler out of High Peaks colt foaled March 7

Lucky Pulpit out of Ermine's Song colt foaled March 10

Lucky Pulpit out of Domasco Lake colt foaled March 9

Bertrando out of Lasting Beauty colt foaled March 10

Swiss Yodeler out of Calamity June filly foaled March 10

Lucky Pulpit out of Flash the Field colt foaled March 10

Lucky J. H. out of Ultimate Honor colt foaled March 6

Unusual Heat out of Charisma Matters colt foaled March 12

Thorn Song out of Lots of Sunshine colt foaled March 5

Unusual Heat out of Lucky Spirit filly foaled March 1

Unusual Heat out of Lovely Pet colt foaled February 29

Lucky J.H. out of Go Ruby Go colt foaled March 2

Lucky Pulpit out of Demon Dance filly foaled March 3

Langfuhr out of Westline colt foaled March 3

Lucky Pulpit out of Lite Stepper colt foaled March 3

Desert Code out of Mi Mi Mine filly foaled February 29

Unusual Heat out of Yalta colt foaled February 25

Desert Code out of Reality With Class filly foaled February 19

Lucky J.H. out of Valley Storm colt foaled February 21

Papa Clem out of Presidential Heat filly foaled February 22

Papa Clem out of Love Lemhi colt foaled February 7

Desert Code out of Sounds Like a Plan filly foaled February 11

Lucky Pulpit out of Aloha Mangos colt foaled February 9

Swiss Yodeler out of Harlingen filly foaled February 11

Unusual Heat out of Air Force One colt foaled February 10

Swiss Yodeler and out of Wild Baby Girl filly foaled February 9

Swiss Yodeler out of Royal Grand Slam filly foaled February 13

Swiss Yodeler out of Coastal Skimming filly foaled February 13

Papa Clem out of Deja Views colt foaled February 13

Langfur out of Team Decision colt foaled February 2

Unusual Heat out of Aspen Gal filly foaled February 1

Smoke Glacken out of Brilliant Response colt foaled February 1

Desert Code out of Tea Cakes filly foaled February 1

Southern Image out of Belle Michelle colt foaled January 31

Kafwain out of Slam the Door colt foaled January 25

Olmodavor out of Evil Intentions filly foaled January 18

Tizbud out of Lion Princess colt foaled January 20

Lucky Pulpit out of Tribal Fire filly foaled January 23

Desert Code out of Sugar N Oats filly foaled January 25

Lucky J. H. out of Early Afternoon filly foaled January 22

Southern Image out of Alarcity filly foaled January 19

Bertrando out of Royal Ravine colt foaled January 11

Unusual Heat out of Alice Portlock filly foaled January 10

Unusual Heat out of Storm Queen filly foaled January 10

Street Boss out of Hotlantic filly foaled January 7


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